You might be ugly, or you might be born with incredible bone structure. But there is one factor that can turn any man into a gentleman. I’m talking personal grooming and hygiene. Dressing well is important. Dressing well can get you compliments from the ladies. But think of it from a marketing point of view. […]

Can you wear any shoe with any of your pants? Well you shouldn’t. There are guidlines that look more appealing than just throwing anything on. However, if you are wearing blue jeans, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER EVER wear black dress shoes. You’re welcome. Now let’s get to it. […]

You are either one of three guys…. 1. The Open Pinner: You are one of very few. You understand the benefits of Pinterest and are therefore one step ahead of every other guy. 2. The Closet Pinner: You secretly love pinterest. However, you would rather saw your arm off than let anyone know you have […]

Recently men are starting to dress more sophisticated. This is putting a spotlight on men’s fashion. It is quickly becoming the center of attention. Where and how a garment was made is becoming important again. The industry is booming. Typically, when someone thinks of the fashion industry they think of the blank stare of a […]

I try to make my posts well-rounded, and not so centered around just where I live. But there is a problem so incredibly bad I cannot help but address the issue. If you see this as a problem in your area, please share. My city made it onto GQ for being one of the 40 […]

It doesn’t take much to update your wardrobe for the fall. With a couple of tweaks you are well on your way to being the best-dressed guy at your Thanksgiving event. Many of these pieces will cross over for the colder months where you will be doing a lot of shopping in the cold weather. […]

Some may wonder what exactly pushed me to dress better. Well, I think it was a combination of things, many being me just searching to become the best person I could be. However, there seemed to be a defining moment that changed everything. I decided to start a clothing company with a friend. One day […]