Hello Summer! It’s about that time. I’m going to talk to guide you through this summer of love whether you are hopelessly single, or madly in love. After that I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite menswear brands, Bonobos!!!!

The Single Man:

You sit around wondering how you’re single. You sniff your pits and take a scratch at the mustard stain on your shirt… I’m pretty sure you may have figured out in that last sentence as to why you’re single. Get some dignity man! You are a Fashionably Manly reader! Get to it! Start dressing better, and then start using all of your assets to go on dates! Ask your friends, ask your grandma. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help! Let’s face it, you need all the help you can get. You can’t go fishing in your living room watching Netflix! Go out into the real world. You never know what will happen. Pretty Barbara Jean is waiting for you to find her. Start your noble journey my fellow comrade. Strap up those double monk straps, tighten your Ralph Lauren black edition tie, and show this world what you’re made of.

The Way Too Happy Man:

Okay okay we get it. You’re happy. Problem is, you are sitting around and doing nothing with that person who makes you happy… ALL THE TIME. That is perfectly fine to a certain extent. However, doing nothing should not be consuming most of your time. I’m pretty sure relationships are about growing together.. But maybe that’s just me. Go do something you wouldn’t ever think of doing. Penetrate your significant other’s soul with deep subjects. Keep going until you discover the furthest corner in the depths of their soul. Make it so they feel incomplete when you aren’t around. Give them something no one else can. You can easily lose them in a heart beat. So never stop cherishing what you have been blessed with.

Make a fancy dinner, who cares if it turns out terribly! It will be fun. Try to do poetry (this will get funny pretty quickly). The point I’m trying to make is, never be satisfied with the love and care you show to them. Always be trying to grow, to be better. Being stagnant will get you no where fast. Discover this person more each day. You will never stop learning things about them. Don’t just say you love them, prove to them every day that you do.

Bonobos Summer Weight Line


Let’s make you look good, and keep you cool this summer. Bonobos has summer chinos in amazing colors. They are lighter than a regular pair of chinos. This way you can stay cool while hosting your summer pool party, or whatever you guys are into these days. Cocktail parties? Pajama parties? Hopefully not pajama parties. We will have to take away your man card. Order a pair of these babies and slap on a polo shirt.

Like This:

There. Now you are a unstoppable summer lovin’ machine. Roll up your chinos with a pair of sockless loafers.

Roll on over to Bonobos and pick anything from their amazing product line. You won’t regret it.


As always,

Stay Fashionably Manly


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