Wow! This is exciting! I finally figured out a way to write inspirational things, and talk about men’s fashion so I don’t get bored of telling you how to dress or act all the time. I’m combining them into posts! I know. A genius idea. It took a lot of brain power to figure that one out.

Also, I hope you know most bloggers are just projecting when they write. You give them a chance to voice their issues in a way that doesn’t make it seem like they have issues. We all just dress well and have great advice, right? Not true. I have chicken on the grill, wearing some weird pants with no shirt or shoes, and have absolutely no idea what to do with my life now that school is over. So I decided to talk to random human beings via blog post.

The Knowledge

Now, back to the real subject. We aren’t comfortable where we are in life. We want a better job, we want to find the special someone, we want a bigger house, we want to be done with school, and we want a better car. We want this because it will mean our life is better. Because, right now is just the time we have to suffer through to get somewhere better.

Guess what? You are wasting your life away. This idea came to me because I went into my managerial accounting class in my bodybuilding tank top. I had it on because I just finished my time at the gym. My professor said, “wow I wish I had a physique like that.” I talked to him later and he expressed how he should have done that when he was younger because he’s too old for it now (he is about 70 right now.) I told him he can still exercise and be healthy though. However, he had the chance. He had a very long time that he could have gotten into it, but he didn’t.

I’m guilty of wanting to be in a different place in life. All my friends are getting married, so I really wish I had a wife. Even a girlfriend would be nice. Guess what though? I can’t change that! I have been single for 5 years except for a couple months ago, I had a girlfriend for two hours(funny story). I’m simply not the man I need to be for that special someone right now.

My time will come, but if I keep worrying about it, it’s going to affect the current place I am in life. I need to enjoy everything about this time in life. I have the rest of my life to be married, have a better job, have a better car. But right now is a unique time I need to enjoy. So do you my friends. Stop hoping for the future and be grateful for the place you’re at. It’s where you need to be.

The Fashion

How about that weather though!?!?!?! It’s so great outside! You are all experts at dressing for the fall and winter. How about that Spring time amazingness?

Pharrell Williams

Ah yes…. Mr. Pharrell Williams. The men’s fashion all-star. How could he not graze GQ Magazine with his presence. Rockin the Chucks with his suit rolled up. Notice the polk-a-dot shirt. Patterns are your friend this season guys. Rock it like a boss.

spring fashion

I. AM. DYING. Look at that color! It works so well with the brown brogues. Oh ya, you should probably stop wearing socks during the spring and summer. Or wear ones that don’t show if you don’t like your feet smelling crunk nasty.

Get into chinos. They are a man’s best friend during the spring, and transfer into summer. They come in amazing colors. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Standing out is never a bad thing. Society picks out outliers to be successful. I want my readers to be successful.

Notice the amazing look on the cover photo. He is wearing sock-less loafers, rolled up chinos, relaxed looking shirt, and a very sharp red blazer with the sleeves rolled up. To top it off he has is handy fedora. The only thing missing is a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters, and he would look like a rockstar(mine are being shipped…. I’m so stoked). Except, he should probably stop smoking… Or else he will totally die from lung cancer.

Alright men! Get on that chino train and say what up to spring! Don’t forget to share to those in your life he need a good wake up call to being happy, and how to dress. BOOM.

As always,

Stay Fashionably Manly


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  1. Great post! Good for guys like me who get tired of jeans and graphic tees every day.


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