It’s spring time! The snow is melting away, and the sun is coming out. However, I’m not here to tell you how to dress for the spring. It really isn’t that important. I may do it one day.. But I feel like something else needs to be said.

I have found myself filled with way too much negativity. This world is AMAZING! There is no need to be feeling like this. Spring is a time for renewal.

We have all heard of spring cleaning, right? You break out the all of your cleaning supplies and make your house sparkle. Everything becomes organized. You feel so refreshed afterwards! Well, why can’t we do this for ourselves? A lot can weigh us down. We need to get it organized. We need to clean up the mud. We need freedom. So let’s all try these things to become better.

1. Chase Passions, Not Money

Being a college student, I have a lot of peers that are out trying to chase down that 5 million dollar house, and a Rolls Royce made completely out of melted down Rolex watches. It seems nothing else matters. I mean, ever since we are kids we are always asked, “What do you want to be?” But then our true passions get torn away from us. We are told success is measured by how much money you make. I don’t think that’s true. I believe how much you loved, and gave are an amazing reflection of success. I am told to hurry and graduate so I can go make a bunch of money. I have lost touch of who I am by doing this.

So, instead of making a goal of making a lot of money… Make a goal of chasing your passions. Paint more, sing more, travel more, hike more, love more, give more. I stopped focusing so much on money and aimed my goals towards being happy by indulging in my passions. I have become much more happy as a result.

2. Escape

I don’t mean go buy a bunch of clothes. I don’t mean go lock yourself in your room with a tub of ice cream and Netflix. Really. Escape. We live in a beautiful world. Go on an adventure. Bring your tent, cook your own food. Wake up early the morning and see the sunrise far, far away from any city lights. Find your soul there.

3. Love Those Who Have Wronged You

Life is too short to hold grudges. Forgive easily. Life is too hard to be carrying that extra weight. We are all humans living in this crazy world. We have all done things we regret.

4. Smile Way Too Much

You know what I have found that really gets rid of depression? Smiling and doing good to others. Nothing else cures it better. Talk to your cashier today and give them the biggest smile they have ever seen. Smile at your co-workers. Smile at a cat. Smile at your dear aunt Sally. SMILE AT YOURSELF.

5. Learn To Love Yourself

This is the most important one. Not enough people love themselves. They hate being alone. They have to find a way to escape. Let’s just take a look in the mirror real fast. You have feet, eyes, hands, ears, a smile, a voice, a brain… You have everything the most inspiring people in the world have. You really can be anything you want to be. It’s a choice. The trick is NEVER GIVING UP.

How do you love yourself? Write something you love about yourself in a journal every day. Spend time developing your gifts. I set a special time in every day to sing and play guitar. It brings me peace and allows me to think creatively.

Start taking better care of your body. Learn to appreciate the body you have been given. It’s your life Life is something that has been denied to by many. Don’t treat it like a dirty city street. If you start treating it better, your love for yourself will grow stronger.

This is what I recommend to do for yourself this spring. Remember to breathe in the beauty that is all around you, and don’t forget to smile.

Leave a comment on the things you do for yourself!

-As always, stay Fashionably Manly

Much Love


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  1. Great article. I’d like to share this on my blog I would of course link back and credit you. Thoughts?


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