First, you may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while. Well… I am a student… and finals became a beast… Then my computer broke and Netflix took over my life. I decided to take time off of work during the break. BAD IDEA. I had nothing to do. I watched everything worth watching on Netflix. So what was I to do then? Watch really obscure shows on Netflix of course. However, I came out victorious. Now it’s time to get back to business.

I want to introduce an incredible idea. This is something that will change the game of men’s fashion forever. You will no longer have an excuse to dress bad. No more, “I don’t know what to get” or “I don’t like shopping.” Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you- The Mr. Collection.

What is The Mr. Collection?

A rental service for men who want a rotating closet of fashionably manly outfits and accessories. So, basically, they send you an outfit every month. They pay for shipping. At the end of the month you send it back and you can get another amazing surprise the following month. You will always get something fresh. This is a very affordable way to dress yourself. Instead of buying the $50 shirt, and $80 jeans… How about rent a new outfit every month for a fraction of the price?

There a couple different packages you can get. We will discuss those.

Mr. Play- $39/mo.

Close Up Mr. Play

This a casual package. This is street-wear fashion. How do you know if this is the right package for you?

-You are Mr. Play. You realize how important it is to live life with a sense of adventure. You like to dress down, but understand fashion. Your atmosphere at work is of easy going nature. You can wear what you want when you want and you strive for comfort when dressing on weekends.

Mr. Business- $45/mo.

Mr. Business

I am the biggest fan of this package. This is timeless men’s fashion. Nothing gets better than dressing like a gentleman. If you haven’t had the money, or the confidence to start dressing like this, I strongly suggest getting set up with The Mr. Collection. How do you know if this is the right package for you?

-You are Mr. Business; a man who believes fashion and function should be synonymous. Your corporate culture is business casual and style never takes a backseat. Your style of dress means grabbing drinks with the guys after a long day is seamless.

Mr. Details- $25/mo.

Mr. Details

This adds some spice to your very boring life. These are items that can improve any existing wardrobe. This is the difference between looking “nice” and looking “great!” So is this for you? YES. Even if you are the Pope, you need this in your life.

-You are a Mr. who recognizes that the devil is in the details. You understand that accessories are essential to showing off your personality and can have the potential of elevating any look you wear.

I think a lot of the time it can be very stressing for men to go shopping. Many of you have no idea how to dress, let alone buy clothes to dress yourself in. If you don’t know style then you are probably wasting money buying clothes that still don’t make you look any better. You owe it to yourself to look good. The Mr. Collection will make you look like a diamond among stones. Have a job interview? Go get yourself the Mr. Business. Have a vacation? Hook yourself up with the Mr. Play. Have a date? Do an amazing combination of Mr. Business and Mr. Details.

You may be asking yourself… “Jarom, how can I trust you?” Well, I was a boy scout. AND I tried them out for myself.



I would like you to make note of my visible gains through the long sleeve shirt. Yes, you will look just as good as me in the products from The Mr. Collection. How could you not? You are a confident man who attracts top notch lady friends with a heart of gold. Fashionably Manly readers are confident men. So go for it men. Take the plunge into The Mr. Collection and change your lives.

Click Here-

The Mr. Collection.

As always,

-Stay Fashionably Manly


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