November 20, 2013

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness. The greatest blog for men to be ever created. I could only hope to be as great. This website has everything you could ever need to survive as a male.

What can you find on The Art of Manliness? Manly inspiration, dress and grooming, health and sports, manly skills, money and career, and last but not least… Relationships and family.

I hope to inspire just as many people one day. The truth is being honest and consistent. You can tell when a post is written, but the individual decided to hide the truth.

Being manly is very important. Today there is such a lack of understanding on what it means to be a man. We are creating boys, not men. I saw a guy post a comment on my friend’s Facebook wall. He said, “hey we should go out sometime!” I was very frustrated. It took all the patience within me not to rip into him. But this is what society has turned into. So why is it bad? I mean at least the guy asked her out. They aren’t even doing that these days. Women are sitting around with nothing to do on a weekend. Go ask them out! Now to be honest it would have been much better to message her for her number. That way he could have given her a call. He at least would have been spared the embarrassment… She didn’t answer back to the post.

Being manly is a combination of things. How do you treat your fellow man. How about women? How do you dress and groom? Are you irresponsible with your money?

Since you are reading this blog, I know you will love The Art of Manliness. Please take some time to enjoy their posts!

Here’s a link 🙂


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