November 20, 2013

How To Do A First Date

Your palms are sweating and your breathing gets heavy. Every day closer to the date gives you more and more anxiety. You have no idea what to do. Will she even follow through on the date? Or will she end up not calling you back, and not even answering the door? What do you wear? Should you get food? Maybe just a snack? Should I plan my conversation ideas ahead of time? Should I try to kiss her? When is it appropriate to open the door? Does she have any allergies? And while you were worried about all of this… YOU FORGOT TO PLAN THE DATE.

If you are a girl reading this… I’m being 100% honest. Guys really overthink things before the date. Well… If they really like you, that is.

I just had an amazing first date. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend an incredible evenening with me. So how did I pull it off? I mean, it was practically perfect. Was I nervous? You bet your whiskers I was nervous. I was overthinking the whole thing. I couldn’t figure out what to do! This girl was so beautiful I thought I was going to die. So the question remains.. How do you pull off a great first date? Well we have to go over the two different kinds of first dates before you can know how I succeeded on my most recent first date.

The Careful Date

This will be most of your dates. This is the girl you are interested in but are unsure how much time you want to spend with them because you don’t know them yet. You usually take this girl out to do what you have done with most girls. You created an incredible escape plan for this occasion just in case it goes badly. This girl can end up being amazing, but in reality that’s probably not going to be the case. However, you are still going to treat her just as equally as everyone else even if you aren’t into it.

Putting It All On The Line Date

This is the big one. This is the girl who makes your heart leap out of it’s chest. You have way too many irrational thoughts. These come around every once in a while. You don’t want to mess this up. You may have known this girl for a while and have finally gotten the chance to take her out by a heaven sent miracle. If you don’t do this right you may never get the second date.

So How Do You Do It?

You have to understand there are two different categories. First decide which type of date you are going on, and then decide from there. I will give you some ideas on how to go about these two types.

First Date With The Careful Date

Rememeber this one has the possibility of being an okay date and an incredible date. You need to set this up with an escape plan. How do you do that? Plan something so simple and easy so you can either end the date at that point or add to it. I will take a date to a local book store and have them pick out five books that represent something about their life, or an interest. After we both found our books we will sit down and try to guess what each one represents. This is amazing because it really gets them talking about things they are passionate about. It can also tell you really quickly if you like this person or not. So if you don’t, end the date there! That’s just fine. But if it was great you can then go ice skating, get hot chocolate, frozen yogurt, out to eat, go home and cook, or any other fun activity! If it went well, end the date with just a hug. You can give away everything on the first date or there will be no reason to come back for more.

Dating The Putting It All On The Line Date

Honestly? Just be yourself. If they are really that amazing they will like you for who you are. Don’t make any plans to trick her into liking you. Don’t pretend you like something when you don’t. That’s how a boy dates. You sir, are a man. A man is honest. A man is trying to get to know the girl. A man cares about being in the moment, not trying to be one step ahead. You can’t play chase if with someone who isn’t running.

Plan something completely you for this date. Make it special. If she is as special as you think she is, than she deserves something better than every other girl in hopes it works out. Make it creative! There is no escape plan with this date, so be prepared.

Want some ideas for this date?

I have taken a young lady to a park where we had a picnic. I made wraps, cut up a pineapple, and had special sodas. I brought a frisby and my guitar. We ended the night taking a walk with a view.

Take your date home for this one. It’s time to make pizza and art. Make the pizza from scratch. This is really fun becuse you can try to throw the dough in the air like they do in the movies. You can even get some flour on their face to be flirty… ONLY if you are both obviously into each other. While the pizza is cooking make sure you prepared to have two canvases and painting supplies. You have to tell each other what to paint. Make it funny. Like a purple pineapple riding a bike.

Pick your date up and go to use pottery wheels at an art studio. I did this and my bowl was terrible. Hers was incredible! It was really fun. After that go home and make dinner with her. I made cakes in preperation for this. We went to the grocery store to get stuff to decorate the cakes. Things like toys, candy, and regular cake toppings. Make it creative! I did this for my last date and it was a complete success. I had fun and she had fun. Why? Becuase I planned something I thought would be fun. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, I was there to be myself.

In conclusion.. Always be yourself. We are all trying to get married. You don’t want to start it off being someone your not. The point is to make sure you are compatable. The ones that are going around just being a player aren’t men.. They are boys.. I know, I used to be that. So stop being nervous, and stop worrying about the details. If you plan something creative and fun the night will go smoothly if you just be yourself.

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