You are either one of three guys….

1. The Open Pinner:

You are one of very few. You understand the benefits of Pinterest and are therefore one step ahead of every other guy.

2. The Closet Pinner:

You secretly love pinterest. However, you would rather saw your arm off than let anyone know you have an account.

3. The Bro-to-be-Pinner

You talk about how stupid it is out loud, but you secretly deep down inside you have always wanted to try it. Don’t lie.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is all about why you should have a pinterest. I know I know, you’re a guy. Guys don’t use pinterest. Your grandma, mother, sister, daughter, and wife uses Pinterest, but not you. Wrong. SMART guys use Pinterest. Don’t think so? I’ll prove it to you.


We obviously have to talk about men’s fashion. I mean, you are on a men’s fashion blog after all.

The men’s fashion category of pinterest is quite robust. If you are a beginner to dressing well, or are very experienced, there are tons of tips and ideas on there. Boots, shoes, suits, ties, belts, hats, how to dress for a wedding, how to layer, how a suit should fit. Get the idea? Pinterest makes you dress better. Fact.

Pinterest Gets You Women

Pinterest is literally the key to the very complicated lock that is women. How does it do that? Women unleash everything they want, or are feeling on pinterest. It’s an easy-to-use journal. You don’t have to flip through any pages, or search a room to find it. All you have to do is go to a category that you’re trying to figure out. I’ll give you an idea how to do this.

Interested In A Girl?

This is SOOOOOO useful. If you are interested in a girl, or have a first date you are nervous for, Pinterest will give you everything you need to know. Don’t know where to eat? Pinterest will show you what kind of food she likes. Don’t know what she likes to do? Trust me, she has pinned all kinds of activities and interests she’s into. Maybe she loves concerts, or is a nut for crafts. Look for it, it’s there. Don’t know what to talk about? Go find out what you have in common, or pretend like you are interested in something she is. Fake it until you make it brother.

The Present Finder

Let’s be honest. Finding the perfect gift is darn near impossible. Lucky for you, Pinterest is the ultimate personalized gift finder available! Simply look up what the individual has been pinning.

You’re wife has been pinning a lot of jewelry, looks like she has been wanting to add to her collection. Look at the styles she has been pinning and go for it. Your mom has been pinning a lot of pictures of dogs. Get your mother the cutest dog in the world to keep her company.

The Business Superhero

Own a business? Want more customers? Look up people in your demographic. Follow them, see what they are pinnning, and look at the trends. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out what your next business move is.

Free Cooking Course

Prepare to enter into the world’s largest easy-to-use cookbook. You will impress your family, roommates, wife, girlfriend, or first date. You will also learn to utilize all those ingredients collecting dust in your kitchen that you didn’t think you would ever use.

So, if I haven’t proved to you that you need Pinterest, then you are a lost cause.

Get Women
Get Amazing Cooking Skills
Run a Successful Business
Give the Perfect Gifts

The bros may give you some grief. But hey, you get more girls than they do anyway. So the jokes on them.

Check out my account:

And Just because I like to laugh, I will share this picture with you. You’re welcome.

Funny pinterest picture


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