October 18, 2013

Top Men’s Fashion Jobs

Recently men are starting to dress more sophisticated. This is putting a spotlight on men’s fashion. It is quickly becoming the center of attention. Where and how a garment was made is becoming important again. The industry is booming.

Typically, when someone thinks of the fashion industry they think of the blank stare of a model or a runway filled with obscure clothing. There is a lot more to it. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. So yes, it’s a great place to have a career. Many people don’t make it. However, it is very possible through internships, networking, risk-taking, and hard work. Many would think the industry is mostly for women. But as men’s fashion continues to grow there will be a bigger demand for someone to step up and change the men’s fashion game. If you like girls, it is definitely your place to be.

So you have an interest. What do you do with it? We will go over some jobs in the industry you can have.

Entry Level:

There are a lot of entry level positions. The obvious one that stands out is a store manager. Having a four year degree will put you ahead of the pack on this one. It’s also great experience if you want to open your own store one day.

An internship is the stepping stone into the fashion industry. If you want to make it you’re going to shake as many hands, and kiss as many babies as you can.

There are a couple of places you can go look at to start a career in the industry.


You don’t have to go to school to become a stylist. You gain an education from your internships, assisting fashion editors, or freelance fashion stylists. However no job in the fashion industry is completely glamorous. It involves sample-traficking, communicating with showrooms and fashion publicists. Fashion publicists get your name out there, and get your clothes on celebrities. It’s expensive, but they are worth it to really get the company out there.


Risky and extremely difficult. You can go the route of creating your own brand, or opening your own store. If it works out for you it can be very rewarding, but the consequences of failure are great.

The Writer:

There is great potential for the men’s fashion blogging world. It’s really where the industry is leading because it is the voice of the people. Company representatives are always looking on blogs and magazine publications trying to be on top of their stuff. There is the chance to begin monetizing your blog(which means you get paid for advertisements and links referred to by your blog). Your blog has to become BIG for this to happen. However, it is possible through consistency and creating thoughtful, engaging content people want to read. Many people have landed jobs at a magazine publications and other jobs in the industry by simply being a blogger.

If men’s fashion is a great interest for you, maybe you should consider some of these routes. The industry is new, but growing very quickly.

Good Luck! And as always….

-Stay Fashionably Manly


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