I try to make my posts well-rounded, and not so centered around just where I live. But there is a problem so incredibly bad I cannot help but address the issue. If you see this as a problem in your area, please share.

My city made it onto GQ for being one of the 40 worst-dressed cities. Simply because of dated and badly-fitted dress clothes.
If you want to impress someone in an interview or pass along an important message, why are you dressed like a safety mechanism used to jump out of airplanes? I feel like I cannot blame just the men who dress like a hobo who found a suit in the nearest dumpster. I would also like to place blame on two establishments: Mr. Mac and Men’s Warehouse. These are two places that a lot of guys feel like it’s the only place they can get a suit. WRONG. I would avoid both of these places at all costs.

Before my brother was married we were going to a lot of places for his wedding suit. We stopped by Mr. Mac to see if they updated their suits. Nope… The gentleman assisting us had him try on a couple different suits. There was a notch on his shoulders, so the coat obviously didn’t fit right. The employee simply said because my brother had a muscular build, that no suit would be able to really fit him right. The employee said the only way to get rid of the notch was to get a bigger size… THAT LOOKED LIKE A PARACHUTE. I was enraged. How could he be so naive?

I have another story I would like to share about Men’s Warehouse. Before I really knew how to dress I went into this store to find a nice pair of dress slacks with my mother. I really wanted the new style of the modern fit. The employee said they don’t have that style because it wasn’t very popular(are you kidding me?). But I had no idea! I was new to this. It was the employee’s responsibility to have me looking incredible! He let me down. I looked ridiculous. The pants were way too big, and he insisted on having my pants tailored so the waist rested just ABOVE my belly button.

A cheap well fitted suit will look better than a poorly fitted designer suit on any given day. So now it’s time for me to save you from the ground up.


monk strap
Even if you finally decided to get a nice tailored suit, you will still look pretty dopy unless your shoe game is on lock. Cap toe, wing tips, or these double monk strap shoes will bring you to a new level. The key here is a MODERN look. Don’t you dare think, “oh it’s not my style I think I will just go with what I usually get.” NO! Go back. Return those hideous moon shoes and try again. It is your style, it’s everyone’s style.


Random flashy socks are in right now. They will really make your outfit pop. If you aren’t too into it, just make sure your socks are crisp and clean looking.


dress pants
These need to fit. They should not be bunching a lot at the bottom. If they do it must be VERY minimal. You should not have copious amounts of material surrounding your leg that you could make another whole suit out of. The waist should be snug enough you wouldn’t need a belt. If you have to cinch your pants down with a belt, they are too big.


Fitted shirt
You should not have a bunch of material billowing out from your waist-line. Make sure when you go buy a shirt it says “Modern” or “Slim Fit”. The heart of a well fitted suit is a well fitted shirt.

Your Tie:

slim tie
Your tie should in no case be 4 inches wide. If it is, please throw it away. A 2 inch wide tie looks absolutely smashing. This is a width I would stick with when shopping for ties. It shouldn’t ever be much more than two inches. So either throw all of your ties away, or put them in hibernation with hopes of them coming back in style one day. You will be safe getting a wool tie right now, they are in style. J. Crew and Calvin Klein always have great looking ties.


Fitted suit
Again. There should not be a bunch of extra material. This should accentuate your body, not drown it. There are certain ways this should be fitted for different body types. I would suggest going to a real professional while shopping for a suit next time.

That’s it! Now take pride in yourselves. Go get something that fits. It’s a great investment. I don’t want my city, nor anyone else’s getting on the list for this ever again.

-Stay Fashionably Manly


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  1. My husband is far from slim. He is 5ft 9in, over weight, no waistline, big feet and broad shoulders. We still manage to keep him decently dressed. Shirts have some give to accommodate his size but they are not baggy. I hem his pants so they don’t hang in the wrong places but fit in the waist. Shoes are well cared for and in newer styles, not the newest because a lot of them make him look like he is wearing clown shoes.
    As for his Sunday suit we caught a sale and got a great suit for $200 at JoS Banks. They found something that fit pretty close in the shoulders it was a little large but they were able to tailor it for a perfect fit. They even took extra in the waist to it was more trim and he didn’t look like he was wearing a tent. Getting a dress shirt to fit is a major pain but I guess you can’t win them all.
    Yes making him look sharp is a little harder because of his size and his likes but it is doable and yes affordable. So being overweight is no excuse for not looking nice.

  2. I completely agree with you! No matter someone’s size, there is always the right fit they should go with. Thank you so much for your comment.

    • A few of the people I’ve interviewed with recently were horribly dressed. Suit jackets that clearly were oversized or didn’t fit, baggy pants and shirts, no belt, odd shoe choice. Sadly I wasn’t much better.

      I’m picky on ties. Skinny ties gave me a sour taste in my mouth because I felt like I always looked like a Mormon Missionary (hint: I’m not). 3 inch wide/narrow width ties fit my body a bit better and the “standard” 4 inch width is just too crazy for me


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