Let’s complete the package. If you dress well, you gotta have a nice haircut right? Now, this post was incredibly hard for me to do because I have always had long curly hair. I never cared for any other haircuts for quite some time. My hairstyle is so unique it would be almost impossible to mimic unless you were born with it. But with a little research I have found the best and most popular looks for this year.

Cropped Sides With Peaked Styling:

Mens hair 1
This is a great, strong look for a man. Just like dressing well, you will have to make a little time to do your hair. However, you will look incredible when your finished.

The Macklemore:

Be careful, not everyone looks good with this haircut. The retro high and tight style looks great. Just make sure you have the personality to match.

Retro With a Hard Part(My Favorite):

mens hair 3
This is great! It’s such a classy look. This look gives you a strong manly look while being classy at the same time. Take notes from Justin Timberlake. If I had the guts to cut my hair, this is what I would do.

The most important part is picking a hairstyle that fits your style and personality, but don’t be afraid to try something new. I look around and everyone has the same boring “guy” haircut. Take pride in the way you look. If a more casual haircut looks best on you, grab some palmade and style it a little. But then again… How do you know the only one that looks good on you is a casual cut if you haven’t tried anything else? There are a lot of style options out there. Do some research and find your match.

If you want someone to help you find the best look for you and that will do an incredible job, please contact my good friend at Perfectly Provo. Her contact info is in the about me page on her blog if you live in the Utah County/Salt Lake County area. You’re going to love the way you look. I guarantee it.
Perfectly Provo: http://perfectlyprovo.blogspot.com/

-Stay Fashionably Manly


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  1. I have the benefit of looking alright with a buzzed or shaved head, if a style I’ve tried doesn’t look right/fit my style, I can just shave and start over.

    I’ve recently grown fond of the fauxhawk myself


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