October 1, 2013

Our Greatest Gift

Dressing well and being a gentleman comes hand in hand. However, this is not the case for our generation. I want to touch on an important subject. One that I am very sensitive about. The respect of women.

Our society demeans women. Our idols sing and rap about how many they have, refer to them with explicit names, and talk about harming them when they don’t do what they are supposed to. Men and women alike take this very lightly and are ENTERTAINED by it. Are we really being entertained by the demoralization of women? Is this what we’ve become?

My mother is my hero. I love her more than anything in this world. She has given me everything, and has helped me to become the man I am today. Without her I would be dead in a ditch. I would stop a bullet for her without a moments thought. If she ever needed a heart transplant… But there were no donors… She would find me gone the next day because I would have given her my heart. My mother, of course, is a woman. The same gender that we are constantly objectifying. The same gender us men treat like a dirty sock. If we feel like it’s been used up, we will just go get a new one. We need to stop. Sure you may dress well, but the measure of a man doesn’t come from the way he dresses. It comes from how he treats his woman. Whether that be a sister, wife, girlfriend, or mom. I watched for many years, my mother, stricken with the vile sickness that is abuse. It plagued our lives. When I was young I thought it was normal, then later grew up and learned to hate the man who destroyed our quality of life.

I am not perfect. If you are familiar with the show, “How I Met Your Mother”, people always say I am so much like Barney Stinson. While he is a great character for the show, this is in no way how I should behave. I dress well, and I get the girl. It is praised by some people, and recognized as a problem by others THIS NEEDS TO STOP. I can’t keep doing this. I need to change. Women are a beautiful gift to us. Let us not taint that. So, I have a proposal. As I teach you how to dress better, heighten your quality of life, and to look like a gentleman… PLEASE start behaving like a gentlemen as well. Give thanks to the women in your life. Don’t surround your life with the things that objectify these amazing gifts in our lives. I too will take on this challenge with you. I raise my glass to you, that we may all become better men, and show the next generation how we should treat the women of our lives. Don’t forget to stay Fashionably Manly.


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  1. I say, you have it all together. A lack of respect does appear to be the norm these days. Your mom is lucky to have a son such as yourself and some lovely young lady will get a gem, in you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Carol! They are very much appreciated. I wish you the best of fortune in the many adventures life has yet to offer you.

  3. Jarom, I have a ton of respect for you. I love what you wrote. I wish all guys were like this. I’m glad I get to work with you. Thanks all you do.

    Derrick Newcomer

  4. I am Bedford Dort’s friend (and almost old enough to be his grandmother). This post resonated with me more than you can know, and I appreciated it.

  5. Amazingly said Thanks for posting this. I love your heartfelt honesty.:)


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