I know what you’re thinking. Really Jarom? A secret? What secret could you possibly have to be able to put on any article of clothing and look fantastic in it? I’ll tell you. It just happens to be one of my biggest passsions. For those fo you that don’t know, I am an aspiring fitness model. It’s one of my dreams to compete and get in the best physical shape my genetics will allow. So here it is. The secret. FITNESS.

As a society we have become lazy. We are always looking for a quick fix when the answer has always been right in front of us. Hard work and dedication. You may already be fit and are enjoying how incredible you look in your suit. Or you may be a little too much on the skinny side….. or the big side. The struggle is the same from both sides. Both sides will take dedication to get to where you want to be. I have been there. I am 5’10” and used to be 135lbs. I was tiny and felt insignifficant. My pants always fell off, and I would drown in size small shirts. I made the choice to change myself and I stuck to it. A Year and a half later and I am 165lbs with 6.2% Bodyfat. I’m not done yet. This is the point I’m trying to make. You will look better in everything you put on if you change your life to become healthy and fit. It doesn’t matter if you are currently fat or skinny. YOU CAN CHANGE THAT. Don’t look for the easy way out. There is only one way to do it. Guess what that is? Going to the gym on a consistent basis and eating clean. A conistent basis meaning at least 4 days out of the week. I AM TELLING YOU THAT YOU CAN DO IT.

You CAN look like this guy:

Steve Cook-Fitness Model

Steve Cook-Fitness Model

Although you may not have the same muscle structure as Steve Cook, you can become that fit. So please take this into consideration. If you are lost and have no idea where to begin… Please use this site. It helped me get started:


If you need any help with ideas for workouts or nutrition PLEASE email me. Or any myths you need help correcting. There are so many specifics, but just getting started is the important thing.
I would love to help you with any questions you have for this new journey in your life. I can provide my full nutrition and workouts to anyone interested:


Looking for gym gear???

Check out Yonderly Clothing. Incredibly soft tank tops for men and women. They will make you stand out and. Tapered to make your physique look better. http://yonderlyclothing.bigcartel.com/product/yonderly-tank

Here’s a before and after of my progress so far!

Before picture



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I am a singer/songwriter, bodybuilder, student, snowboarder, and fashion enthusiast based in Provo, UT.




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