September 20, 2013

The Big Dogs

I recently tried looking for the top men’s fashion brands right now. This is what the great internet had to say:

1. Ralph Lauren
2. Armani
3. Lacoste
4. Nike
5. Gucci
6. Abercrombie & Fitch
7. Hugo Boss
8. Louis Vuitton
9. Adidas
10. Calvin Klein

What I have to Say:

I love many of these companies, others I’m not so fond of. I LOVE Calvin Klein and Nike. Calvin Klein keeps me fresh during the day, and Nike gets me ready for the gym. With the exception of a couple, most of these are high end designers. I really feel like designer companies aren’t going to be as popular this next little bit. There are so many online retailers changing the game. People are finding you can look really great without paying near as much.

I recently read a very interesting article with Jackthreads in Entrepreneur Magazine while waiting for my car to be registered. They are attacking the online male fashion market. This is where the trend is going. The owner is a genious for how he designed this company. This is how a man wants to look. Not like those creepy guys on the runway rockin’ peacock feathers. Jackthreads is the definition of being fashionably manly.

Here’s the article:


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I am a singer/songwriter, bodybuilder, student, snowboarder, and fashion enthusiast based in Provo, UT.




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