September 16, 2013

A State of Mind

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This post is just a thought I have. There’s two people in a room. One is in a finely tailored suit and the other is in some old, faded, wrinkled clothes. Let’s be honest.. Who are you going to think is the more confident one? Who would you want to hire? I believe dressing well gives you great confidence. There is something very manly and strong about a well dressed man. It means you care about yourself. I know I am more confident being well dressed. There is such an advantage in life if you are confident. Your education, work, and relationships benefit. I feel a lot more confident in approaching a beautiful young lady on a day I am dressed impeccably. However if it’s a laundry day and I don’t feel I look my best, I am more likely to have my head down and become more shy. Men, it is our duty to conquer every aspect of our life. Go out there and get fashionably manly. (See what I did there?)


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About jhulon16

I am a singer/songwriter, bodybuilder, student, snowboarder, and fashion enthusiast based in Provo, UT.




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