September 9, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

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Let’s talk about specifics with the things you have wrapped around your feet. I have met many women that have told me one of the first things they look at on a man is his shoes. So…. Maybe it’s a little important to have that little aspect of your outfit on lock? I hate seeing guys with horrendous shoes on that look like they jumped a bum and jacked his kicks. A great pair of shoes can also make you feel like you are walking on clouds. So that’s a plus is it not? So please, throw away your trashed sneakers and let’s find you some new ones.

My favorite shoe is the oxford. I have said before that I wear these mostly through my week. They go great with everything. They can be fancy, and they can be casual. Wing tips, toe caps, monk straps, hipster looking shoes… The possibilities or endless. Let me throw some links at you for some exploration.

Amazon is always good. (Don’t get the ugly one’s):

Some Urban Outfitters gold:


Alright you can’t wear oxfords all the time. You have to wear some casual shoes too. And since the fall is approaching we will stick to appropriate footwear for the season. Although I do love my Toms. Wear canvas shoes like the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s. They have all sorts of colors, and the option of a low and high top. Vans has tons of great options, and so does polo. I get most of my casual shoes at these two places. Happy shopping.




Now to finish off I’ll show you the two shoes I can’t wait to get. You can bet they will be in my closet soon.


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